This week, we interviewed Erika Dufour, of Snip Snap Go, a DIY photography solution for e-commerce photography. I had the pleasure of working with Snip Snap Go on behalf of one of our clients, BIN 36. I felt pretty apprehensive as I’m horrible at taking pictures, but, Erika’s solution made it simple and fast for me to be a pro at e-commerce photography.

Excerpts from our interview below:

How did you decide to launch your company? What was the spark or seed that inspired you to launch?

The spark that set off Snipsnapgo was a solution I had to come up with to accomodate startup businesses that could not afford photography rates for such simple photography. Realizing that the gear and lighting is the key to great photography and once those elements are in place, most people can take their own photos. My friend Jason Fried also recommended the book “Blue Oceans” which put me in the mindframe of creating companies that have no competitors.

What are some challenges you encountered? Opportunities?

The greatest challenge is juggling Snipsnapgo and marketing it while running my photography business. The other challenge is to figure out how to market this business. People are intimidated by the prospects of being the photographer, and my mission is to express to the general public how little work and photo skillset it takes to use Snipsnapgo.

Were you working on another project/business/fulltime job while you were launching? If so, how did you juggle both responsibilities?

I am always working on other projects, I run my commercial photography business on my own, with that business, I do all of my own retouching, editing, marketing, and production work. I also am a Motion Capture action model for video games like the most recent Mortal Kombat, which takes me out of the office once a week. Beyond that, I am generating more ideas than manageable on my own. I have started Snipsnapgo slowly in my own studio to test it out and make sure that I iron out all of the kinks before growing it further. I also am monitoring peoples responses after using the service. I have also recently reached out to a freelance friend to spread the word about snipsnapgo. My goal is to grow the business to a franchise nationwide, but the next step will be to open a storefront with multiple photo bays.

Do you have any tips on avoiding start-up roadblocks?

I believe starting small and testing the idea out, talking to people about their experience using the service is valuable information. For myself, I have watched people from affar to see how they interact, and also to observe their reactions and feelings after they have used the service. An other common roadblock is influence from others who think in the glass half empty mindset. Finding a support group that believes in your idea is key and avoiding the fearful naysayers.

How has digital marketing helped your business? In what way?

Until very recently, I have barely touched on digital marketing , word of mouth has been my only marketing. My goal is to reach out to people personally and have a one on one connection with them and have the digital marketing support that.

Thanks Erika for the great interview! We’d also like to note that Ericka is a fellow Dabbler and is teaching an upcoming class “Product Photography for Beginners.”

Also, watch a video of Aalap Shah (SoMe) and Dan Sachs (BIN 36) during the photo shoot for BIN 36′s online wine shop.