SoMe Connect works well with other agencies and internal marketing departments. Its online marketing strategy development can be served a la carte as a complement to a larger action plan. This is the case with its work defining the online presence of the National Center for Peripheral Neuropathy.

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SoMe Called Upon to Drive Awareness of National Center for Peripheral Neuropathy


The National Center for Peripheral Neuropathy was going through a website redesign when SoMe was called upon to offer SEO for website migration and fully optimize their website for SEO.

“They were in the middle of an awesome website redesign. In the past, the organization created a lot of content, but wasn’t quite sure how to get it in front of the right audience,” says Aalap Shah, Co-founder of SoMe Connect.

SoMe implemented onsite SEO, website migration SEO, advanced Google Analytics setup for the new site. Also as important, its team worked well with Juice Interactive as the site was built and the client’s needs met.

Aalap shah
Aalap shah

“One of our hallmarks is an organic approach to online marketing. We specialize in building online awareness for a specific product or brand. Although we can and do offer a full-service portfolio of online marketing solutions, we like to focus on where we can be the most impactful. In this case, we were brought in to augment work already being done and we worked well in that coupled role,” explains Aalap Shah, Co-founder of SoMe Connect.

Together, the effort netted a nice increase in organic traffic from Google, and the organization’s domain metrics have improved. SoMe also coached them on how to write and optimize blog posts, create email templates for reaching out to physicians, and worked with them through a website hack.

Before SEO, the website was achieving 273 visits/month. It now achieves an average of 833 visits/month. The total keywords in top 100 on Google increased more than 100 percent. The domain metrics are up and traffic continues to increase on this site.


The National Center for Peripheral Neuropathy has three interrelated missions: educating the public and healthcare professionals, providing state-of-the-art treatment for patients with peripheral neuropathy, and identifying causes and cures through basic and clinical research.