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Meet Madhavi Rao
Meet Madhavi Rao +

Madhavi Rao is the founder of SoMe and oversees all client service, operations, and specialist teams.

  • Abbie Ginther<br />Director of Client Services
    Abbie Ginther
    Director of Client Services
  • Alex Kocoj<br />Director of Operations
    Alex Kocoj
    Director of Operations
  • Toni Palese<br />Director of Digital Services
    Toni Palese
    Director of Digital Services
  • Margy Enright<br />Director of Creative Services
    Margy Enright
    Director of Creative Services

Core values


We are a strategic business partner to our clients and work to drive momentum and traction on mutually aligned growth strategies.


We foster an environment that encourages listening and learning to each other and our partners.


We are always asking questions and hungry to learn more about how we can help our partners grow further.


We are honest and straightforward with our partners on results and deliver on our promises.

Heart and Soul

We are family centric and treat our partners with trust and openness in all of our communications.